Charging Point Locked - will not release

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Charging Point Locked - will not release

Post by JC100 » Mon Nov 02, 2020 10:26 am

I've had this issue a few times since having our new ID3 (just over a week). Even when I've pressed the unlock button on the car the charging point remains locked. Previously I've found that if I put my foot on the brake and turn the car into drive (warning comes up to say that the car will not start as plugged in) then press the unlock button on the remote, the charging point then unlocks.

However, this morning our car remains tethered to the charger and cannot be released. I've tried to stop the charging on the screen - the charging is set to 80% but it says it's charged to 81%. I've reduced the charging setting to 70%. I've tried resetting the screen and pressed "stop charging" and ensured it's on auto release and locked and unlocked the car several times, but still the charging cable is locked in. The green light is solid (not flashing) on the charging point.

I'm waiting to hear back from VW dealership, but just wondered if anyone else has had this issue. A quick search seems to show similar issues with the eGolf but not seen anything yet on theiD3 forum.

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Re: Charging Point Locked - will not release

Post by scott28tt » Mon Nov 02, 2020 1:50 pm

Have a look at pages 267/268 of the owner's manual - there's a manual release cord behind the boot liner.

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Re: Charging Point Locked - will not release

Post by Purplemeanie » Mon Nov 02, 2020 2:38 pm

I've had this problem a number of times now and have had to resort to setting the "release when complete" setting in the car's user interface charging screen.

It seems that if I'm charging and stop the session, then the plug is released. However, if I leave the car charging over night and it completes its charging cycle, then I have to start another charging cycle in the morning, then stop it to release the cable.

This has happened mostly with a 13A-socket slow charger that I bought off Amazon. It seems to happen less with my newly installed 7kW Zappi but I haven't had many charging sessions with this yet to come to a conclusion.

I've sometimes spent 5 minutes or more trying to get the car to release the charging plug.

I got very close to pulling the manual release cord once but in the end the car released the cable without having to resort to the manual cord.

I seem to have more luck with public charging stations, but again I tend to terminate the charging session from within the car before it gets to the 80 or 100% that I've set the car to take.

I was hoping that by now I'd have figured out a specific order to do things to get a reliable cable release but that still illudes me.

If anyone has a specific order they do things to get the cable released reliably then I'd be eager to hear it.

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Re: Charging Point Locked - will not release

Post by JC100 » Wed Nov 04, 2020 6:46 pm

When I returned to our car yesterday after having to abandon it on our drive tethered to the wall box. It typically just released, but only after unlocking the car, opening the rear door and pressing unlock again. But it then happened again this morning and I followed a desperate routine of the following:
  • Unlocking the car using the remote
  • Pressing stop charging in the infotainment (ensuring the setting is set to auto releasing the cable once charged)
  • Set the car to higher charge (from 80% to 90%) to recommence charging, then stop charging
  • Opening one of the doors (driver or rear drivers side)
  • Placing foot on brake and turning car to drive (until warning comes up to say that car is connected) and back to park
  • Pressing unlock 3 times in quick succession
  • Switching off the charging wall box and back on again, then restarting the charging process and ending
Eventually it released after completing the final procedure.

I know I need to book the car in, but difficult when it gets in the way of work etc and the dealer is not that close. The dealer of course just says bring it in or call VW roadside assist if it’s stuck tethered. Has anyone pulled the cord in the boot to release the charging cable? If so does it have to go in to the dealership to have it reset before being able to charge the car again? Or can this be done without concern, i.e will the pull cord work again without being reset? The dealer doesn’t seem to know the answer to this. I'd be happy to do this as long as it didn't need to urgently go into the dealership to be reset at least until we get the time to book the car in properly.

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Re: Charging Point Locked - will not release

Post by JC100 » Thu Nov 19, 2020 9:31 am

Had the car in with the dealer for 2 days. They did a software update and this now resolves the issue partly. If the car is set to release the charger after the car is charged then this now works well. Previously After charging overnight the charging cable would not release even when this setting was on. The only issue now is if this setting isn’t on (need this if out in public charger not with car so cable does not get stolen) then it still doesn’t release when unlocking the car or using the screen to start and stop charging. Sometimes if you press stop charging - it has a little think - and does nothing. Usually after a few attempts it stops charging and releases the cable.

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Re: Charging Point Locked - will not release

Post by Avalon » Thu Nov 19, 2020 10:14 am

I’ve experienced just as you state above. I’ve only charged the car 3 times but only once did it release the cable first time. I remember my dealer stating that the car should be locked with the key when leaving on charge and unlocked with the key when returning to enable the cable to release. Tried bits of using the infotainment screen and the key but there appears to be no consistency. I do wonder though if it’s my lack of consistency....

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