Memory Seats Gone (Sept 17 Brochure Update)

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Post by Utumno » Fri Jan 14, 2022 2:39 pm

Utumno wrote:
Fri Jan 14, 2022 1:27 pm
VW's claims on the configurator should be regarded as entirely baseless until someone sees the hardware in a vehicle 😊

Bad form to quote ones own posts, but I think this is the only pragmatic view to take.

Until someone has the requisite hardware in their car, memory seats are vapour. This might be Max or Tour, or the Style Plus Pack on a less lofty trim.
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Post by SinglePointSafety » Sat Jan 15, 2022 4:17 pm

This issue - the car not compliant with the advertised spec - is an ongoing one, and I've commented on other forums about this

The contract is between you and your supplying dealer. When buying a new car, in polite and reasonable language, (not the terse summary below) I tell the dealer that:

(1) The contract is that you will supply a car to the specification shown in the brochure and/or online configurator (it's a really, really good idea to check that these agree - sometimes they don't)
(2) I note that the manufacturer has the E&OE clause in the brochure, and refers me to you - the dealer - for the correct, up-to-date information on the vehicle spec (which is a laugh, as people have commented, once they have your deposit, the sales people are no longer interested in dealing with you)
(3) If the vehicle supplied does not meet the spec (ie the brochure, if necessary with your amendments), the contract has been broken and if this is detrimental to me I can seek remedy
(4) And thus it is your duty to tell me if the spec has changed between the order and delivery (because with long lead times, this is almost inevitable)

Because I actually use polite language, never had a dealer object to this - they all say pretty much the same thing ie "As far as we know, the brochure spec is correct, if we become aware of any changes, we'll let you know" (yes, sure you will...)

I once took delivery of a VW and it was missing an item that was in the both the brochure and configurator. Once I reminded the sales person of the email I'd sent, they sorted it out with VW very quickly and I received a more than adequate compensation, and a nice thank you from VW who - to their credit - instantly changed the online price list and configurator
On another occasion, a Skoda had a significant spec change in the 6 months between order and delivery. The dealer didn't tell me (if any dealer offered this level of customer care, they'd instantly lose their franchise and several staff would be publicly executed as a warning to other dealers to maintain the expected abysmal standards of the motor trade). Fortunately I kept an eye on the online info and the spec change was, on balance, in my favour, so agreed with the dealer that the sale could go ahead at the price agreed.

The problem at the moment is that, with the supply issues, the dealer would possibly be delighted if you rejected the car: there would likely be plenty of other buyers willing to step in.....and might even pay more than the deal you'd negotiated.

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