I'm a bit worried about the range

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I'm a bit worried about the range

Post by CraigLes » Tue May 05, 2020 6:59 am

Knowing that it's one of the major concerns with most electric car models, does anyone have any reliable info/anecdotes on the range of the ID.3? Cheers

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Re: I'm a bit worried about the range

Post by Rhevian » Mon Sep 21, 2020 4:44 pm

See Chris from BatteryLife:

My own experience over the first weekend:after 95 miles I was down to 55%, topped up to 80%, another 52 miles left SoC at 60%
So total 147 miles for 65% of battery works out to approx 226 total. This was not all smooth and steady 56mph, it was a mix of single-carriageway a-roads, country lanes, and only about 25miles of dual carriageway (cruise control set to 68)

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Re: I'm a bit worried about the range

Post by silver6d » Tue Oct 27, 2020 4:54 pm

I have just charged my ID3 (called Heidi by the way) at home to 80%, it gives the range as just over 180 miles. Assuming you don't want to run the battery flat just down to 10% charge, that reduces the usable range to about 160 miles, or 80 miles (129 km) out and 80 miles (129km) back.


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Re: I'm a bit worried about the range

Post by Purplemeanie » Tue Oct 27, 2020 7:45 pm


I’m just on a trip from Bristol to Cornwall for the week and we’re getting a usable range of about 150-200 miles which is very dependent on driving style. If we travel at 70mph (agh-hum!) on the motorway then its more like 150. Leaving a 10% safety margin meant we had to charge twice on the 200mile trip from Bristol to Lands-End. We left Bristol with 100% in the tank.

It was a rather hilarious experience, meeting the same people in successive charging locations - they were mostly in i-Paces’s. Exeter services were full (3 stations in use, 3 cars waiting ahead of us), so decided not to wait in-line there and moved on to next location.

The first Cornwall Services was only AC and took 45mins to get hardly any charge, probably about 8kWh. That’s probably about right for fast AC but I was hoping for a one stop strategy on the trip and was rather hoping for a quick DC fix and blast on down the A30. We had to use AC because the DC CCS hookup wouldn’t talk to the car and we got a red LED on the indicator next to the car’s CCS socket. Two other cars tried the CCS hookup after us and both failed to get it working. A guy in a white van said he charged there 3 times a day (lucky him) and said he was always seeing people try and use the ccs charger and fail. Just sounds like a faulty ccs hookup - it did look a bit beaten up.

Then the second Cornwall Services did manage a decent DC charge while we had a coffee, but of course we got talking to all sorts of people while we waited in line for access to a charger.

So, three stops and two charging sessions achieved. And it took 6 hours to do the 200miles!

It’s disappointing but I’ve seen other cars reportedly reduce their range by 34% when shifting from a 56mph cruising up to 75mph.

This is going to be a big learning experience for us with our first EV!

I’m clearly going to have to take it easy if I want more range.
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Re: I'm a bit worried about the range

Post by NorwichComputersAndy » Tue Nov 17, 2020 10:04 pm

I too have been a bit concerned regarding range - ultimately need our ID to achieve 160miles from Norwich to Canterbury - it will happen soon!

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Re: I'm a bit worried about the range

Post by OllyExeterID3 » Wed Nov 18, 2020 3:57 pm

We are getting our I.D.3 on Friday after having had a 33kWh BMW i3 for 2 years. The main thing to remember about the WLTP range is this is in ideal conditions and generally not attainable unless you drive at absolute maximum efficiency - it has always been a red herring when it comes to showing the genuinely attainable range of any EV. As a guide, our i3 has always been very efficient but we struggle to eek out the WLTP range of 110-120 miles. We can get 130 miles during summer (20 degrees, light wind conditions) but as little as 80 miles during the winter. I suspect similarly, expect an 'average' range of around about 210 miles for the I.D.3 - with up to 260 miles in summer but potentially as little as 160 miles in winter. For NorwichComputersAndy, I would say 160 miles sounds completely attainable - particularly if you intend to use the Eco mode and B mode for maximum regen. I would be interested to hear more anecdotes as the I.D.3 'beds-in'.

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Re: I'm a bit worried about the range

Post by Sindidziwa » Fri Nov 20, 2020 3:42 pm

We tried coming down from Middlesbrough to mid-Beds in October but I chickened out and we detoured to Ionity at Leeds M1 service station. One reason for this is the overestimation of range (my diesel did this too, though on a 700 - 750 mile range ;) )

I was wondering about the difference in total time between a 56 mph trip that might make it all the whole 210 miles or the 70 mph version with a stop? If those were your average speeds then you'd have 45 mins for the stop.

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Re: I'm a bit worried about the range

Post by F11_MWG » Fri Nov 27, 2020 10:56 pm

Charged mine to 100% this morning and managed 180 miles before it went to zero! 3 miles from my house, had the Turtle symbol as I was reversing onto my drive... don't fancy doing that again!

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