WhatCar? Late prototype first drive review

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WhatCar? Late prototype first drive review

Post by Rob » Mon Jul 06, 2020 7:31 pm

From WhatCar?


Our test car had the mid-sized, 58kWh battery and the more powerful of the two electric motors that will be available, producing 201bhp. In this form the ID 3 delivers the sort of lively urban performance we’ve come to expect from electric models, while generating next to no noise, either from its motor or tyres.

It will be a while before we have the opportunity to put the ID 3 through our Real Range test, but during this drive the car started on what looked like about a 90% state of charge, and after 40 miles of driving was down to around 75%. On that basis, being able to travel between 200 and 250 miles without recharging seems realistic.

2020 Volkswagen ID 3 verdict

This early drive suggests the ID 3 has plenty of strengths besides zero emissions and the corresponding tax advantages. But then it needs them if it’s going to succeed.

Not only will it have to compete with the class-leading e-Niro and, in range-topping form, Tesla’s new Model 3, but Volkswagen is hoping to sell 110,000 ID 3’s a year. That’s more than double the total number of electric and plug-in hybrid cars it sold in 2018.

Read the full prototype review here: https://www.whatcar.com/news/2020-volks ... ate/n19745

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