Service Plan - is it all in one go?

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Post by fixit »

My ID.3 has hit the 2 year point so I need to sort out a service. I never got an offer of £199, but looking online shows VW now offer this:


I suppose that's not too bad but I don't need the MOT yet of course, so can I can book the service & brake fluid now and the MOT for next year? My local dealers are a total PITA, so I wouldn't it past them to try and stiff me so I pay again next year.

Is this likely to be a good deal or should I just go for the local independent garage and save a little money?


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Post by Scratch »

When I got my £199 service “deal”, the offer wasn’t showing on the VW website. I asked the dealer, and it was available through them.
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Post by MrMagika »

I had my 2 year service carried out in June and when I enter my details on VW service page it shows as having a service plan in place, so I believe it must keep the MOT for a future date.
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Post by RichyJ91 »

Had my first service done as part of the plan last month, and was told my MOT will set there on my account for next year when it needs its first one.
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