New ID.3 picked up today!

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New ID.3 picked up today!

Post by Aapercy » Sat Feb 20, 2021 6:39 pm

Absolutely love our new ID.3 Life picked up from dealer this morning.
Arrived with 0783 software (dealer sales rep said that it was the first ID.3 they delivered with the new software - I had said I would not accept the car without 0783+).
Docs in car say manufactured jan 16, we ordered early Dec 2020. so that means it took 4 weeks to make, 3 weeks to ship to UK dealer and 1 week to finalise at dealer.
We Connect app in car would not present QR code to register the app at first (my guess: busy VW servers) but after about 20 minutes it worked and connected straight away.
Car Play has been seamless. Plays music downloaded from iTunes Cloud Music Library. Icons for Maps, Music, etc are quite small and hard to hit accurately when driving.
Joined home WiFi no problem. (No cell signal at home) Shows online in Connect app.
Heavy foot and Sport Mode drained the battery 2X for miles driven compared with estimated mileage as start.
Adaptive Cruise Control is quite an amazing experience: slowed for reduced speed limit zone, slowed for slow cars in front and then sped back up.
Lane Control is much gentler than in 1st edition at test drive in December.
Speaker sound is good, and works just fine for music, podcasts and phone calls.
Proximity sensors for parking seem pretty useless - no doubt software improveable.
Luxury floor mats really nice and with ID.3 branding.
Reversible boot liner has fabric flap for extra protection when loading unloading. The Load sill protection is almost invisible and so thin I am not sure it will really afford much protection. TBD.
Bought on Lease&Care package with Large care package (includes tyres). Pricing never lined up exactly with what the website showed and tried but could not reach a single person/dept at VWFS who had even heard about that finance option (only available for ID.3s). Accepted the few £s difference per month other 36 months, 12000 miles.
Overall: very happy.
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Re: New ID.3 picked up today!

Post by Sparky » Sat Feb 20, 2021 9:09 pm

An excellent report on first impressions. Just what those of us who are waiting for delivery are looking for. Thank you.

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Re: New ID.3 picked up today!

Post by Raxacorico » Sun Feb 21, 2021 2:02 pm

Hope my experience is as good, should be in September or so. It will be a long drive to wherever I choose ...
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