ID.3 Pros S, Project EV charger and Intelligent Octopus

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Hi, I have had the car and charger for 18 months now and all was working fine using the charger app to schedule charges.

I have now swapped provider to Octopus to use IO for cheap tariff (btw 11.30 pm and 5.30 am) and when trying to set it up it can’t complete the test charge, app says ‘unable to control your vehicle’.

Car has had software update a couple of weeks ago.
Project EV charger has had firmware update. And set to plug and charge.
Location settings in car is on (VW app shows car location too).
No charging schedules are set up in car or charger.



I have been talking and emailing with Octopus and followed their instructions about waiting between each step to allow the connections to be made but to no avail and they haven’t resolved the issue yet. They state issues with Enode (whatever that means?).

Appreciate any help or suggestions if anyone else has experienced the same issue.

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