Getting BBC sounds on internet radio outside uk

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Am a lover of BBC R 4 AND world service. Problem is I live in Ireland and it’s not listed as a uk station. Mostly commercial stations only. Now I am keen to get BBC sounds and then pick my own station or podcast, same with Global player or my tuner radio. Now I know I can get them on the phone and play via Bluetooth but that’s rather out of the question if one is driving. Some suggestions would be very much appreciated please. That internet service is absolutely brilliant and marketing people in VW should be making some mileage out of it.

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I like using Apple AirPlay when in my id.3, can select apps etc from the info system screen in the screen. I’m away at present without my car so can’t try it out but this would be my first thing to look at. With Google maps I have the full app displayed on the screen so can easily operate it without touching my phone.
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